Ger Anne and I

Well, we met last May 14, 2010 at the Sunken Garden. We played practically like toddlers at the playground. We walked around the oval. And we get to freshen up with our MANGO shakes.;)

Well these pictures are simple proofs that taking photos of ourselves is our hobby:)

See you Ger!

I was rooting for G1Bo to win.
I couldn't vote though, but I thought he would be a brilliant and productive leader.
But the sad fact is that he was with the administration who they say is the most corrupt.
It was really a political suicide for him.
But I was still amazed by his principles and brilliant answers. I thought, we're not talking of merely personalities here but abilities also.

Unfortunately, the people now because of their sufferings and because of poverty are looking for a great change. NOynOy was the symbol of that change. And I admit it. Thought I felt that he is the least able to change the country due to his lack of actions, I knew that he was true to his words. He had the blood of a hero and a loved president. Good luck to him.!!
Though we lost with G1BO. I know he will still be there, not as a president perhaps but a wise citizen.
And for the rest of the country, I'd like to say, it's not the victory of the candidates elected for office and the lost of the ones who spent almost all of their money for this election, leaving empty-handed.
But it's our stand to be one.;)
I'm hoping the country to be better this time.
GO PINOYs! I'm certainly proud to be one.;)



I just arrived @ the airport where I met Kim Chui.;)haha
at the Hotel.
River Cruise with my family.

I'm loving the sceneries.;)
My parents also loved it. Ui, kissing below the bridge.haha
The food was GREAT!
And those were my experiences @ Bangkok. :)

from dresses to jeans

I did my chores today...and for the first time, I was enthusiastic about it;)

Summer is definitely the season of the year wherein you decide what you’ll do for the day. There are no schedules. What’s a must for summer is to have fun and enjoy every minute.

I am a very random person. I do what I want to do. And so I did.

It was a hot May afternoon and I decided to take a swim at the back of our house. I was with my helper. When she left me alone to get my sister, I felt alone. But that was the first time that I felt happy by the mere reason that I am alone. It was all serene. And I get to just float there and get to be amazed by the intelligence of the Creator. I saw how the sun set. I felt the coldness of the sea. I was allured by the fairytale love of the waves and sand.

While resting, I got to have an ice cream from my sister. I asked her to take a picture of me. I refused to tell her why. I just demanded and then she reluctantly granted my request.

After an hour, I was asked to go home. I smiled at the sea, looked at the sun and told them through my mind, ‘til tomorrow!

I get to have a great time with my sister today.
Papa told us that I have to have several ID pics for my enrollment at UP and for ATM application.
So, I brought my sister INA with me.
As we were waiting for my turn, we thought, why not have a studio pic;)
So, we did.
Though out of fun, at least, we captured the moment!haha..;)

Thanks to Konika or MG Tan Digital Studio ;)

Hello bloggers! I'm eventually new to this!
I actually made this account due to boredom.hehe,,
But I do love blogging.
I love writing.
And I love sharing my thoughts and feelings through literature.:)

Anyways, I'm Jana Felice Gonzalez. Born and raised in Maasin, Southern Leyte. I have one sibling. And I'm the daughter of the couples-Lino and Daisy Gonzalez.

I'm off to College three weeks from now. And I'm creating a new life.;)I want this blog to be a part of that life.;)