I haven't been around lately.
Been so very busy.
Well, BTW, I survived my second semester but I nearly failed with my major. Not a great sign perhaps, but I still do not know why I'm staying. This person does not back out from a fight. I plan on taking a second major, (I want History though but I like Psych too) but I'll update you on that by the second semester this year.

Wait, a pause with school.
It's summertime already.
Actually, summer is already ending.
Had a blast.
I did not travel as much though but there could be no replacement with home.
I've been tutoring my little cousins. I hoped they learned something. But I'm grateful, when they give me their beautiful smiles and the other one even begs me to stay late. Children indeed.

Though most of us want rest, I'm really looking forward to school. I miss the place, the people. I have so many plans when I get back. I need to organize more. I wanna decorate our dorm room. And I plan to have fun still. And indeed, I still hope that I can pass my major. And I also look forward to my membership on a camera club at school. Hopefully, I can join.

Toodles for now!

BTW, I may not check on this blog often but you can check out my twitter account, http://twitter.com/#!/jana63114 and my tumblr, http://janagonzalez.tumblr.com/

See you around!