I really don't have a thing to do tonight. Or that's what I want to believe. I have 3 readings in Pol Sci11 and one in Eng2. I have three long exams next week and I haven't studied at all.Hahaha . But, I'm here in my chair, feeling bored. So better yet relax.

I wanna share to you how I felt like in UP.

It's not at all easy to be an iskolar. But it's definitely fun and ego boosting.

But what I really really really love being here is the friendship that I have accumulated for almost two months. I've met amazing people from all walks of life. They have their own stories to tell. Even languages , we share. We share secrets. We share our deepest ones. I even shared more here those friends I have back home. I never ever thought that I would meet these brilliant people here.